Macomb County
Civil War



 Civil War Soldiers Buried in Other Michigan Counties


Surnames appear as they were read in the cemetery and spellings may differ from some military records.

* Denotes a memorial stone.





 Bacon, John H.  F & S, 16th Mich. Inf.  Mt. Hope  Lansing
 Baker, E. L. W.  Co. B, 21st Mich. Inf.  Mt. Hope  Lansing
 Baker, Luther B.  DC 1st Cavalry  Mt. Hope  Lansing
 Banfill, James H.  Co. H, 4th Mich. Inf.  Capac  Mussey
 Barber, George  Co. G, 4th Mich. Inf.  Metamora  Metamora
 Barnard, William H.  Co. A, 20th Mich. Inf.  Mt. Hope  Lansing
 Barnes, Charles  Co. H, 2nd Mich. Cav.  Hough  Almont
 Barry, Mich'l  Co. H, 1st R.I. L.A.  St. Mary  Sanilac
 Bartow, John D.  Co. E, 20th Ind. Inf.  Mt. Hope  Lansing
 Bates, Francis P.  Co. E, 7th Mich. Cav.  Mt. Hope  Lansing
 Bayley, Lorenzo E.  Co. C, 16th Mich. Inf.  Metamora  Metamora
 Beattie, John  Co. E, 5th Mich. Inf.  New River  Port Austin
 Becraft, John E.  Co. F, 10th Mich. Inf.  Capac  Mussey
 Bigler, Pliney  Co. G, 4th Mich. Inf.  Thornville  Dryden
 Bignal, Henry D.  Co. A, 20th Mich. Inf.  Hawley  Vevay
 Bogart, John  Co. E, 186th N.Y. Inf.  Riverside  Tuscola
 Booth, John S.  Co. K, 4th Mich. Cav.  Kingston  Koylton
 Boyce, Addison S.  Co. A, 20th Mich. Inf.  Mt. Hope  Lansing
 Braidwood, George  Co. I, 3rd Mich. Cav.  Scotch Settlement  Almont
 Brake, George  Co. A, 1st Cav. Lancers  Mt. Hope  Lansing
 Brink, John J.  Co. K, 1st Mich. Eng.  Capac  Mussey
 Broad, John  Co. G, 3rd Mich. Inf.  Mt. Hope  Lansing
 Brooks, Ransom M.  Co. B, 8th Mich. Inf.  Mt. Hope  Lansing
 Brown, Calvin  Co. M, 16th N.Y. H.A.  Burlington  Burlington
 Brown, Leander F.  Co. E, 26th Mich. Inf.  Dryden Center  Dryden
 Brown, Nichols  Co. F, 1st Mich. Eng.  Smith Hill  Forest
 Brown, Wyatt L.  1st N.Y. Lt. Art.  Mt. Hope  Lansing
 Buzzell, Edwin A.  Co. A, 9th Mich. Inf.  Hough  Almont



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