Macomb County
Civil War



 The Cascades of Ray Township, Michigan

By Robert D. and Cheryl J. Allen

Published by Robert D. and Cheryl J. Allen
Paperback: 127 Pages
Size: 8-1/2"x 11"
Over 120 Illustrations
Retail Price: $20.00
ISBN#: 978-0-578-22677-4


When the subject of The Cascades in Michigan enters a conversation or discussion, invariably thoughts turn to The Cascades of Jackson, Michigan. However, there once was a proposed and initially started Cascades and a Cascades Subdivision within the confines of Macomb County.

Since 1928, The Cascades of Ray Township in Macomb County has been the subject of interest and reporting by the news media and individuals alike. Though located 30 to 35 miles north of Detroit as the crow flies and off the beaten path, this interest in The Cascades continues to this day. While the reporting and analyzing cover the concept, design, and the initial implementation of construction of The Cascades Subdivision, many do not combine verbiage with a photographic backdrop and the reverse is also true. To fully appreciate the significance of this proposed subdivision, one must envision the extent to which it would affect and alter the country atmosphere into which it was to be introduced.


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