Macomb County
Civil War



 Final Resting Place


Surnames appear as they were read in the cemetery and spellings may differ from some military records.

* Denotes a memorial stone.





 Eastman, Arthur R.  Co. I, 9th Mich. Inf.
 Co. D, 8th Mich. Cav.
 Clinton Grove  Mt. Clemens
 Eastman, Frederick R.  Co. B, 2nd Penn. Cav.  Clinton Grove  Mt. Clemens
 Ebo, Peter H.  Co. F, 1st Mich. Col. Inf.  Romeo  Romeo
 Eckert, Adolph, Sr.  Co. E, 22nd Mich. Inf.  Clinton Grove  Mt. Clemens
 Eckstein, Frederick  Batt. H, 1st Mich. L. A.  Romeo  Romeo
 Edgerly, Henry Clay  Co. B, 5th Mich. Inf.  Clinton Grove  Mt. Clemens
 Egbert, Daniel  Co. F, 1st Mich. Col. Inf.  Willowgrove  Richmond Twp.
 Eggleston, Ellery L.  Co. B, 22nd Mich. Inf.  Romeo  Romeo
 Elevier, Edward  Co. B, 30th Mich. Inf.  Willowgrove  Richmond Twp.
 Engel, Frederick  Co. E, 5th Mich. Cav.  Romeo  Romeo
 Engelman, Hieronyneus  Co. I, 3rd Mich. Inf.  St. Clement  Centerline



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