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 My Four Years In The Ninth

The Civil War Diaries of Cyrel S. Hicks,
Ninth Michigan Infantry

By Robert D. and Cheryl J. Allen

Published by Robert D. and Cheryl J. Allen
Paperback: 301 Pages
Size: 6"x 9"
Over 70 Photographs
Retail Price: $20.00
ISBN#: 978-0-578-20850-3


Serving four years in the Union Army during the War of the Rebellion, Cyrel S. Hicks, through the diaries he kept during his service time, tells the story of life as the common soldier experienced. The camp life and every day activities which encompassed the majority of the soldiers' service time are revealed through the events recorded in the diaries of this individual. The soldier's desire for communications from home and others via letters and packages is recorded daily.


The life of a Civil War soldier was not easy. Poor food, living conditions and minimal health care were the average lot for most soldiers, both North and South. We are fortunate when a historian finds actual diaries of the daily life of a fighting man and can bring them to life for us. Bob and Cherie Allen devote countless hours to preserving and sharing the common soldier's daily experiences.

They share the belief that if we do not help people develop an interest in the HUMAN side of history, it will be lost forever.

                                    —Bill Grandstaff, Civil War Historian and Facilitator,
                                                          Israel B. Richardson Civil War Roundtable


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