Macomb County
Civil War



 Civil War Soldiers Buried in Other Michigan Counties


Surnames appear as they were read in the cemetery and spellings may differ from some military records.

* Denotes a memorial stone.





 Haggardone, William  Co. K, 16th Mich. Inf.  Goodland  Goodland
 Hagner, John  Co. G, 3rd Mich. Inf.  Burnside  Burnside
 Hall, Seth J.  Co. E, 8th Mich. Cav.  Mt. Pleasant  Dryden
 Hall, Sylvester M.  Co. K, 4th Mich. Cav.  Mt. Pleasant  Dryden
 Hamill, Robert S.  Co. C, 23rd Mich. Inf.  Smith Hill  Forest
 Hamilton, Napoleon  Co. I, 54th Mass. Inf.  Mt. Hope  Lansing
 Hammontree, David H.  Co. A, 4th Tenn. Cav.  Pine Run  Vienna
 Harrington, Carlton  Co. H, 4th Mich. Inf.  Webster  Almont
 Harrington, Wesley C.  Co. I, 3rd Mich. Inf.  Mt. Pleasant  Dryden
 Harris, Frederick A.  16th U.S. Inf.  Smith Hill  Forest
 Harvey, Coridon  Co. E, 8th Mich. Cav.  Webster  Almont
 Hawley, William  Co. C, 23rd Mich. Inf.  Smith Hill  Forest
 Head, Benjamin B.  Co. D, 6th Mich. Cav.  Mt. Hope  Lansing
 Heath, Uriah  Co. H, 43rd Colored
 Troop Inf.
 Pine Run  Vienna
 Hennesey, John F.  Brady's SS, 16th Mich. Inf.  Webster  Almont
 Hill, William  Co. C, 151st N.Y. Inf.  Smith Hill  Forest
 Hinckley, Henry V.  Co. E, 1st Mich. S.S.  Mt. Hope  Lansing
 Hinks, Henry  Co. B, 5th Mich. Inf.  Hough  Almont
 Hocknell, William H.  Batt. A, 3rd N.Y. Lt. Art.  Riverside  Tuscola
 Hodson, Edwin R.  Co. E, 8th Mich. Cav.  Mt. Pleasant  Dryden
 Hopkins, Lyman  Co. D, 147th N.Y. Inf.  Mt. Hope  Lansing
 Horton, Asa N.  Co. D, 28th Mich. Inf.  Mt. Hope  Lansing
 Hosford, William  14th Mich. Lt. Art.  Mt. Hope  Lansing
 Hull, John  Co. B, 1st Mich. Colored
 Mt. Hope  Lansing
 Hull, John T.  Co. H, 108th N.Y. Inf.  Riverside  Tuscola
 Hunt, Charles S.  Co. B, 2nd Reg., U.S. S.S.  Mt. Hope  Lansing
 Hunter, Noble  Co. C, 22nd Mich. Inf.  Capac  Mussey
 Hunter, William H.  Co. E, 1st Mich. Eng.  Mt. Hope  Lansing
 Hurd, Jerome R.  Co. A, 12th Mich. Inf.  Pine Run  Vienna
 Hutchins, Stephen D.  Co. I, 10th Mich. Inf.  Kingston  Koylton
 Hutchinson, Aaron  Co. C, 9th Mich. Cav.  Kingston  Koylton



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