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 Final Resting Place


Surnames appear as they were read in the cemetery and spellings may differ from some military records.

* Denotes a memorial stone.





 Paige, William G.  Co. G, 3rd Mich. Inf.  McCafferty  Bruce Twp.
 Paine, Rensford  Co. G, 3rd Mich. Inf.  Davis*  Davis
 Parish, Edward S.  Co. D, 5th Mich. Inf.  Centennial  New Haven
 Parke, Aaron G.  Co. B, 3rd Mich. Cav.  Clinton Grove  Mt. Clemens
 Parke, Herbert C.  Seaman, U. S. Navy  Clinton Grove  Mt. Clemens
 Parker, John W.  Co. I, 20th N.Y. Cav.  Memphis  Richmond Twp.
 Partch, Enos H.  Co. C, 106th N.Y. Inf.  Romeo  Romeo
 Patterson, Culver  Co. E, 22nd Mich. Inf.  Richmond City  Richmond
 Patterson, Edward D. (Whitfield)  Co. K, 1st Mich. Inf.  Clinton Grove  Mt. Clemens
 Patterson, George W., Jr.  Co. M, 1st Mich. L.A.  Clinton Grove  Mt. Clemens
 Patterson, Thomas C.  Co. I, 23rd Mich. Inf.  Union  Chesterfield Twp.
 Paya, Edward  Co. G, 22nd Mich. Inf.  St. Peter's  Mt. Clemens
 Peabody, Albert H.  Co. B, 104th N.Y. Inf.  Willowgrove  Richmond Twp.
 Pelkey, Charles  Co. H, 3rd Mich. Cav.  St. Peter's  Mt. Clemens
 Peltier, Antoine  Co. A, 22nd Mich. Inf.  St. Peter's  Mt. Clemens
 Peltier, Eli  Co. G, 16th Mich. Inf.  St. Peter's  Mt. Clemens
 Peltier, Francis (Frank)  Co. C, 5th Mich. Inf.  St. Peter's  Mt. Clemens
 Peltier, Joseph  Co. D, 22nd Mich. Inf.  St. Peter's  Mt. Clemens
 Peltier, Louis  Co. C, Mich. Lancers  St. Peter's  Mt. Clemens
 Peltier, Peter  Co. D, 22nd Mich. Inf.  St. Peter's  Mt. Clemens
 Pemberton, John  Co. C, 1st Mich. Cav.  Centennial  New Haven
 Pereira, Manuel J.  Co. L, 8th Mich. Cav.  Warren Union  Warren
 Perry, Ozni S.  Co. F, 1st Battn. CA Inf.  Romeo  Romeo
 Peters, Gottlieb  Co. G, 22nd Mich. Inf.  Clinton Grove  Mt. Clemens
 Phelps, Norman B.  Co. G, 8th Mich. Cav.  Bruce  Bruce Twp.
 Phillips, Luke  Batt. I, 1st Mich. L.A.  Memphis  Richmond Twp.
 Phillips, Samuel W.  Co. C, 24th Mich. Inf.  Prestonville  Shelby Twp.
 Pickle, Albert H.  Co. A, 9th Mich. Inf.  Indian Trail  Ray Twp.
 Pinder, Frederick  Co. G, 9th Mich. Cav.  Romeo  Romeo
 Platt, William D.  Co. K, 14th Mich. Inf.  Clinton Grove  Mt. Clemens
 Poole, James H.  Co. F, 22nd Mich. Inf.  Memphis*  Richmond Twp.
 Powell, Abraham C.  Co. A, 1st Mich. Cav.  Bruce*  Bruce Twp.
 Powell, Dennis  Co. A, 9th Mich. Inf.  Powell  Washington Twp.
 Predmore, Jeduthan  Co. A, 1st Mich. Cav.  Romeo  Romeo
 Prentiss, Edward D.  Co. A, 9th Mich. Inf.  Romeo  Romeo
 Price, Christian B.  Co. C, 173rd Ohio Inf.  Memphis  Richmond Twp.
 Price, Freeborn H.  Co. A, 9th Mich. Inf.  Romeo  Romeo
 Price, James A.  Co. L, 8th Mich. Cav.  Clinton Grove  Mt. Clemens
 Prince, John W.  Co. G, 8th Mich. Cav.  Bruce  Bruce Twp.
 Proctor, Thomas  Co. G, 10th Mich. Inf.  Hadley  Armada Twp.



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