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The military information for each veteran has been taken from "Record of Service of Michigan Volunteers in the Civil War 1861-1865" for soldiers serving from Michigan. Non-Michigan veteran military information has been taken from the Adjutant General's Reports for their respective states or compiled information from other official sources. All other information has been obtained from sources deemed accurate and reliable.

** Denotes a calculated birth date.

Yates, Charles W.  Cemetery: Romeo - Romeo
Born:  1844 (ENG)  Died: April 27, 1922
White Lake. Enlisted in Company B, Fifth Michigan Cavalry, August 18, 1862, at White Lake, for 3 years, age 18. Mustered August 27, 1862. Missing at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, July 3, 1863. Returned to regiment October 17, 1863. Taken prisoner August 17, 1864. Released March 8, 1865. Mustered out at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, June 20, 1865. Present residence, Romeo, Michigan.
Enlistment Rank: Private.
Pension: Pension Request filed by veteran 8/10/1877, Application 240403.
Widow (Annie) filed request 5/3/1922, Application 1188609.
No state specified on either request.

Researchers Note:
According to a special veteran census conducted in 1890, this veteran suffered from disease of heart and lungs, contracted while prisoner of war.

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Youngs, Israel  Cemetery: Willowgrove - Richmond Twp.
Born:  1836 (MI)  Died: April, 1862
Armada. Enlisted in Company L, First Michigan Cavalry, as Farrier, August 17, 1861, at Armada, for 3 years, age 24. Mustered September 6, 1861. Died of disease at Winchester, Virginia, April, 1862.
Enlistment Rank: Farrier.
Pension: No pension record found.

Younglove, Thomas  Cemetery: Memphis - Richmond Twp.
Born:  February 20, 1834** (MI)  Died: May 27, 1873 (39y,3m,7d)
Enlisted in Company E, Fourth Michigan Infantry, August 30, 1864, at Troy, for 3 years, age 30. Mustered August 30, 1864. Mustered out at Houston, Texas, May 26, 1866.
Enlistment Rank: Private.
Pension: Widow (Jane) filed pension request 8/5/1890, Application 492270.
Widow filed from Nebraska.

Yerks, Lewis M.  Cemetery: Curtis - Shelby Twp.
Born:  Unknown (CAN)  Died: August 31, 1863 (21y,9m,11d)
Shelby. Enlisted in Company B, Twenty-second Michigan Infantry, August 8, 1862, at Shelby, for 3 years, age 20. Mustered August 14, 1862. Died of disease at Nashville, Tennessee, August 31, 1863.
Enlistment Rank: Private.
Pension: Mother (Mary) filed pension request 6/26/1866, Application 149163.
No state specified by mother.

Researchers Note: The "Record of Service of Michigan Volunteers in the Civil War 1861-1865" lists this veteran's name as Yerkes, Lewis M. Pension records list this veteran's name as Yerks, Lewis M.

Researchers Note: No headstone was found for this veteran, however, he is listed in earlier readings of this cemetery.

Yenior, Frank  Cemetery:  St. Peter's - Mt. Clemens
Born:  About 1848 (MI)  Died:  April 17, 1897 (59y)
Enlisted in Company A, Twenty-second Michigan Infantry, February 7, 1865, at Pontiac, for 1 year, age 17. Mustered February 7, 1865. Joined regiment at Chattanooga, Tennessee, March 1, 1865. Transferred to Company F, Twenty-ninth Michigan Infantry, June 26, 1865. Mustered out at Murfreesboro, Tennessee, September 6, 1865.
Enlistment Rank:  Private.
Pension: Pension Request filed by veteran 12/15/1890, Application 983294.
Widow (Mary Dice) filed request 11/15/1911, Application 960895.
Both requests filed from Michigan.

Researchers Note:  This veteran was buried as an indigent soldier according to the Indigent Soldier Burial Report, Volume A.

Researchers Note:  This veteran was in the Michigan Soldiers' Home (File # 2481) for a period of time. In this file, it is indicated that he suffered from some loss of sight and rheumatism. No specific date is identified for these afflictions.



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